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Spray Your Trees With Life

Tree spraying is not guess work! It is a science that our tree experts have perfected! Overland Park’s climate has always been pleasant and balmy. This makes for some great weather conditions but at the same point in time, it also aids and supports the growth of different types of fungi and tree diseases.

While trees can take care of themselves, tree spraying ensures that the tree doesn’t have to fight that losing battle with diseases and infestations at all. While tree spraying needs to be conducted once in awhile depending on the fixed routine, the effects of the spraying last long and protect your trees very well. While the existent conditions will get treated, tree spraying will also work in a preventative manner and keep other diseases away!

We Do It Right!

All those amateur tree service companies that offer you their services for a little more than a dime and wishful thinking consider tree spraying to be a generic job that anyone can do. A large part of tree spraying is choosing what to spray.

The choice has to be

  • Applicable to the disease or infestation in the particular tree
  • In the right quantity
  • Sprayed in the correct way
  • Sprayed in an environment friendly way without polluting the environment with indiscreet use of the spray.

Don’t waste your time and money with amateurs! You can always call us in to salvage it but that is provided that there is enough of your tree left to do so. Call the experts in today! Our services are top notch and we offer them at prices that you can afford!

Why Spray?

Our way of working is slightly different. We don’t like to leave any corners unchecked so you can always rest assured that you will receive a full service treatment from us. This includes:

  • Expert Tree Diagnosis: Our years of experience have taught us that what you consider as the only option for your ailing trees might not be the right option at all! If tree spraying is not the solution for your trees, we will suggest what else needs to be done to ensure their safety and health. If it is the right option for your trees, rest assured that you will find no one better to undertake the task.
  • Precision, Eco-Friendly Spraying: our tree spraying services are very target specific and we don’t simply go around spraying into the air! We are precise and we take care not to ruin the ecology around us! With us you can count on the fact that we never go over the top with anything! Precision is rule of the thumb!
  • Dedicated Check-Ups and Maintenance: we are full service tree experts so we are the ones to help you with any tree service and trimming need that you have as well.

Call us today!

Call us on (913) 871-1892 or email us at overlandpark@premieretreeservices.com for a free non obligatory estimate of our Overland Park Tree Services!

We serve all clients in Overland Park, Kansas as well as the neighborhoods of Prairie Village, Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Shawnee, Fairway, Mission Hills, Shawnee Village, Fairfield, Dixie Hills, Grandview, Knox and many of the surrounding neighborhoods.