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Our expert tree service professionals work hard so that every single tree in Overland Park Kansas looks and feels healthy and full of life. When we go about our labor of love, we see many tree stumps that are sticking out of the ground like a blasted cancer. We have made it our constant endeavor to ensure that every tree stump is removed and ground into mulch.

Amateurs are charge you a pittance to get a tree removal and stump grinding done but their shoddy job is not even worth that much. There are many dangers in handing over an important task like that to amateurs:

  • They are aesthetically displeasing.
  • They kill your curb appeal.
  • Your property prices fall significantly.
  • Termites and other infestations are invited to your property.

There is a reason we are the best stump removal and stump grinding experts in Overland Park – We do not condone incomplete jobs! When we grind the stump, we leave nothing behind at all! You will not need to revisit the same task twice!

Removing Stumps for Years in Overland Park Kansas

We understand why there is a sense of urgency behind most of our tree service client needs. The job needs to be done and needs to be done quickly so that your residential or commercial land looks spruced up and taken care of. We will grind the tree stumps and provide you with nutrient rich mulch. This mulch can then be spread all over the rest of your land as so that your land and other plants benefit from it.

There are many ways of getting rid of tree stumps and we are well versed with most of these. Stump grinding happens to be a convenient and highly effective way of dealing with tree stumps. Most of our clients appreciate the ease and convenience that stump grinding offers to them.

A stump grinder that is used to do the job happens to be a special machine that most amateurs won’t have or if they happen to have one will not know how to use it correctly. The rotating blades of the stump grinder move rapidly and grind the unsightly tree stump into nutrient rich mulch.

Services Offered

We are a full service company that offers all tree services like:

Don’t waste your time and money paying amateurs to do a second rate job!

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We offer you a free estimate for all our services. This estimate is for your comfort and there will be no strings attached to it at all! You will face no pressure from us. It will just be a tool so that you make the most informed choice. We will be very surprised if you found prices lower than ours though! Call us on (913) 871-1892 or email us at overlandpark@premieretreeservices.com for a free non-obligatory estimate of our Overland Park Tree Services!

We serve all clients in Overland Park, Kansas as well as the neighborhoods of Prairie Village, Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Shawnee, Fairway, Mission Hills, Shawnee Village, Fairfield, Dixie Hills, Grandview, Knox and many of the surrounding neighborhoods.